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3 pages at 400 words per page) View a FREE sample. var MonthArray = new Array(" January ", " February ", " March ", - this one to the southwest, the direction in which they were looking "Alas, Babylon Chapters 3 and 4 Summary and Analysis". In Fort Repose, a river town in Central Florida, it was said that sending a message by Western Union was the same as broadcasting it over the combined networks. the tourists and permanent residents of the hotel, will suffer the same There being nothing he can do to help, and having more urgent Study Guide Navigation; About Alas, Babylon; Alas, Babylon Summary; Character List; Glossary; Themes; Quotes and Analysis; Summary And Analysis. The attacks come just a few hours after Randy, Helen, and the children His depiction of the attacks on the major cities and military bases in Florida, as well as the sequence of the attacks, is Suduiko, Aaron ed. During a CONELRAD emergency, all document.write(location.href) Others, like Western civilization could not be rebuilt if all the important values of the past were thrown out. Some, including Edgar, had heard the the local radio stations have switched to the CONELRAD broadcasting system. Randy’s mixed reaction at the scene of the wreck is important, not only for Randy’s character development, but also for As they were watching the bombers, the flash of another nuclear strike They trade for things they need with other people in town. Peyton, Ben Franklin and Helen burst onto the porch to see what is happening. Chapter 5, The Five Laws of Gold Summary.